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Lora Lee Michel

Where is she now?

As Seen In

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Join us in our efforts to uncover her story.

Born in Schulenburg, Texas on September 13, 1940, Lora Lee Michel was a talented, impoverished girl who was abandoned by her birth mother. She desperately searched for the love and acceptance that she never achieved. In this, Lora Lee discovers her acting talent might fill that void.

In only three years, Lora Lee shoots up from obscurity to fame, earning $100 a day in 1950. Ten-year-old Lora Lee Michel is billed as the greatest child star since Shirley Temple. She accused her adopted parents of starving her to stay small for the movies, resulting in one of the highest publicity custody battles in 1950s Hollywood.

Lora Lee is a story about a childhood actress who was totally forgotten and lost in the obscurity of time. 



Parlor, Bedroom and Wrath - Little Girl

Kiss the Blood Off My Hands - uncredited

Good Sam - Lulu Clayton

The Snake Pit – Virginia at age 6

Lady at Midnight - Tina Wiggins

Words and Music - Mary at age 5


Mr. Soft Touch - Sonya

State Department File 649 - Jessica 

Mighty Joe Young - Jill Young, as a girl

Tokyo Joe – Anya


It’s a Small World - Janie at age 8

Between Midnight and Dawn – Kathy

Paid in Full – Betsy Prentice

In the News

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Community Forum

Please reach out if you have any information about Lora Lee Michel. 

The website and the LLC are managed by family members looking to honor Lora Lee's legacy.

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